Being a Veteran

Reflection given by Barton Burnett, Upper School Science and Engineering   Good morning! Believe it or not you are looking at what is probably one of the smallest minority groups at ESD. I am one of only two veterans in our entire school that I am aware of. The other veteran is from Canada and … More Being a Veteran


given by Ned Dockery ’20, Treasurer, Student Council Good morning everyone. I don’t know about y’all, but I’m ready for a vacation. I swear we never get a break… sure, it’s Homecoming Week, but to make sure I don’t have too much fun, my teachers made sure to jam in 5 quizzes and 4 tests … More Fear

Humility- Be You

Reflection given by Chelle Wabrek, Head of Middle School   I think we start with Buzz Lightyear.  On Andy’s birthday, his parents give him a brand new action figure — a spaceman.  Until that very day, there is not a toy in his room that Andy loves more than Sheriff Woody — the old-fashioned, tried … More Humility- Be You


given by Courtney Phelps, Director of Community Service Learning If you are a football fan, like me, you may have heard quite a bit of controversy around the New York Giants. It’s no secret that the New York Giants have lost five of their six games so far. Their losses have not only affected their … More Humility

Faith and Politics

given by Mark Oglesby, Senior Dean and AP U.S. Government Teacher I am about to talk about the two things we are generally advised not to talk about in group settings – Religion and Politics. For those who don’t know, I teach Government and have done so for 20 plus years. I have to admit, … More Faith and Politics