Screen Time

screentimeFor the past few days, my husband has been repairing the window and door screens in the cabins at the camp we serve at each summer. Although the mosquitoes are “quiet” during this cooler time of year, the screens will be necessary as summer progresses. It’s not a difficult project- a staple gun, some screen, scissors and a lot of patience- are all that is required.

Of course it made me wonder about the screens in my life. The photo above is of my “summer office”, a chair on a screened in porch. As I read and write and answer emails and plan for the school year, I can look out and see the birds and chipmunks searching for their daily meals. I can hear the occasional possum or raccoon rooting around in the dead stumps nearby. I can hear campers racing to get to their next activity along the camp trails. And most importantly, I can feel the sunlight (or mist) and breeze of a typical summer day.  And then I look down and realize, its time to get on the other side of the screen. Literally, it means putting my work screen down and instead rising up on my feet to explore what is out beyond my little porch.

A prayer we pray at camp, written by its founder The Rev. E.J. Dennen says: “…may the lakes, the trees, the wide spaces of the fields and all the nature sights and sounds be unto us as gates whereby we may enter into the vast temple of thy presence and think quiet and compelling thoughts of thee...” (Camp OATKA prayer)

May we all find ourselves on the other side of the screens that occupy too much of our time. May we seek God’s presence in the beauty of this dynamic world and in the image of God we bear to one another.

Time for me to rise up and get going.

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