Civil Discourse

Reflection given by Dave Baad, Head of School   When I open a newspaper or my favorite news websites, when I flip on the television to catch up on politics and other public policy debate, I have often read or heard in the last two years some version of this statement: “We are living the … More Civil Discourse

What’s in a name?

Reflection given by Selam Mekbeb-Gillett ’20   My name is Selamawit,  better known as Selam, which means hello and peaceful in my native language,Amharic. Now, if you know me at all, you know that I am anything but peaceful! I’m always running around, I never sit still, plus, I’ve been told that I’m really loud … More What’s in a name?


Reflection given by Nikash Harapanahalli, ’20 Many here today might not know fully about what I am about to say, and to be honest- neither do I. I’m want to share with you all of a festival that has been celebrated annually for the past four thousand years, so to my right on the table … More Diwali

Being a Veteran

Reflection given by Barton Burnett, Upper School Science and Engineering   Good morning! Believe it or not you are looking at what is probably one of the smallest minority groups at ESD. I am one of only two veterans in our entire school that I am aware of. The other veteran is from Canada and … More Being a Veteran