Waves of change

Another year of worship and prayer and wondering together has come to its end. In my final reflection with the Middle School, I began with the question “Do you think you can change?” I invited us all to wonder about our first day in All Saints Chapel up until our final day together. Heads began nodding. So much of living a school year together involves change- friendships change, interests change, abilities change, thoughts change.

I then shared a story of a camper I once had in a water ski class who refused to engage in anything, but over time realized from everyone around him that camp was much more fun when he wasn’t complaining and resistant. It takes the love of God in the midst of community for us to help each other belong and find meaning.

We wondered what made a change ‘helpful’ and what made a change ‘hurtful’. What habits had we developed that maybe weren’t so helpful?

Summer is a gift of time to unravel and reflect on how we are growing into who God calls us each to be as we seek God’s will in our lives. God’s love working through us, in the midst of all the changes in our lives, leads us to bring holiness into all we do.

I call this blog “waves of wondering” because waves in their beauty bring about change.

Don’t be afraid of change. Embrace each wave.

May our Lord bless and keep you always.

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