With the beginning of May we move into wondering about our final virtue of this school year, peacefulness.  The virtues are the way we live out God’s love in our shared life.
Our scripture verse from the Gospel of Luke is part of Jesus’ instructions to his disciples as he sends them out in ministry. “Whenever you enter a house, first say, may peace be on this house.” (Luke 10:5). We wondered in Chapel about Jesus’ final exam for his disciples- take no resources, no shoes, and walk up to people and offer “peace”.
Imagine what our community would look like if we spoke peace to one another instead of power.
This Wednesday we will hear one of my favorite stories in the Gospel of Mark (4:35-41). In the midst of a raging storm, Jesus speaks “Peace, be still”. How often, as we head into the closing weeks of our abundant school year, do we need to tell our minds and souls “Peace, be still”? Wonder with me what Jesus’ words of wisdom might bring you as you seek peace this May.
Despite the frenzy of the end of our school year, I pray we may find peacefulness working within us, between us,  and through us for our community.

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