Holy Week at All Saints Chapel

This week our Chapels have been enriched by many of our community’s voices either sharing reflections or singing choral offerings. Our prayers and worship center on Jesus’ final week in Jerusalem when he share a sacred meal with his friends, one who will betray him, one who will deny him, and many who will scatter in the face of his arrest. We began the week wondering about the Jewish ritual of Passover and its significance for all of us no matter our faith tradition. Below are just two small parts of incredible reflections. Please reach out to Coach Schneider or Ms. Salz for their full talks.

Reflection on Passover from Mike Schneider:

“To me, the story of Passover transcends Judaism and applies to all of us. While it is a story of people who were persecuted because of their religious beliefs, the take away for me is that all people should be treated equally as brothers and sisters who are created in the image of God- the same words that Reverend Heller has spoken many times. It is a story of how we all have a covenant with a God and we try to live up to this covenant to be the best we can be. It is a story of how we should not fear people because of religious differences, but how we should embrace those differences to strengthen our communities and heal the world. Amen.”

Reflection on Passover from Tolly Salz:

“For this is the Passover story: a story of injustice, a call to action, and a commitment to remember. A commitment to teach the children that it is up to them to carry the history of their people–and to overcome indifference to make the changes needed so that no one else, ever again, suffers the yoke of injustice, of cruelty, of slavery, of prejudice, of inequality. We tell the stories, year after year, not to repeat the past but instead to build upon and repair it however we might. It is what every Jewish child at Passover is called to do. And, I would argue, it is what every child at the Episcopal School of Dallas is called to do. In fact, look at the School Prayer, which states: “Remind us always to be aware of our gifts and surroundings, and empower us to heal the world.” Just as each child of Israel, just as each child at the seder, each student at the Episcopal School of Dallas is called to be empowered and to heal the world.”

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